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EALING : EALingContact

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La cour aux Ernests: the ENS inner courtyard


You can send us an email by clicking on: contact.


How to find the Ecole Normale Supérieure.
Click HERE or HERE

How to navigate inside the ENS (information will be added later).

Schedule (subject to modifications)

All courses and lectures take place in the salle des Résistants
(1st - French- floor, Corridor A-B see map below)
From Monday September 18th to Tuesday September 26th.

The registration desk will be located right outside of the Salle des Résistants (where all the lectures are taking place). It will be open Monday morning the 18th of September from 8:45am on (on and off).
If you were preregistered, please stop by to get your registration folder.

M18 T19 W20 Th21 F22 Sa23 M25 T26
session 1 Merchant Merchant Merchant Merchant Alexiadou Alexiadou Alexiadou Alexiadou
session 2 Koopman Koopman TBA Rizzi Rizzi Rizzi TBA TBA
Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
session 3 Nash Nash Nash Nash Laca Laca Laca Laca
session 4 Miller Miller Miller Miller Marantz Marantz Marantz Marantz
Pause Pause Pause Pause Pause Pause Pause Pause Pause
session 5 Svenonius Svenonius Svenonius Svenonius Poeppel Poeppel Poeppel Poeppel

Schedule of sessions
Session 1: 9:15-10:45
Session 2: 11-12:30
Session 3: 14-15:30
Session 4: 15:30-17:15
Session 5: 17:45-19:15

Certificate of Attendance

TO get a certificate of attendance to an Ealing course, print this form: Attendance, fill it out and have it signed as instructed on the form.

Net access & photocopying

There is no internet access from the ENS. The simplest for you to check email etc.. is to go to an internet café (Cybercafé). Here are a couple close to the ENS:

For photocopying, a close by store is: « Copy 86 », 86 rue Claude Bernard.
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