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La cour aux Ernests: the ENS inner courtyard


You can send us an email by clicking on: contact.


All Courses and Lectures take place at or around école normale supérieure 45 rue d'ulm.
This could change, watch this space for latest announcements.

How to find the Ecole Normale Supérieure and the Conference Site:
Click HERE or HERE



Please watch this space for up to date information (e.g. last minute changes to the schedule will be posted here)

Schedule (subject to modifications)

Certificate of Attendance

To get a certificate of attendance to an Ealing course, print this form: Attendance, fill it out and have it signed as instructed on the form.

Money Matters and Reimbursement Policies

Running Ealing costs money. Registration fees are used to help offset these costs.

For people who cannot attend Ealing after having registered, partial reimbursment of registration fees must be requested (for good cause) by email (to contact) and must reach us within a maximum of seven weeks after registration and no later than 15 days before the beginning of Ealing. Barring special circumstances, such requests will be honored.
Reimbursement is done exclusively by crediting the credit card used to pay the registration fees.
The amount reimbursed will be the registration amount paid minus the reimbursement processing fees charged to us by banking institutions.

Net access

During Ealing hours, Wifi Internet access is provided in the lecture classroom.
After hours, you need to go to an internet café (Cybercafé). Some coffee shops also have free internet access.
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