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EALING: EALing 2012 - Program

EALING : EalingProgram

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EALing 2012 - Program

All courses and conferences will be given in English
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The aquarium: Main entrance of the ENS

Teaching and Lecturing Faculty (To be completed and Subject to Modification)

Vincent Homer, Assistant Professor, DEC, ENS
Larry Hyman, Professor, UC Berkeley
Hilda Koopman, Professor, UCLA
Alban Lemasson, Assistant Professor, Université de Rennes 1
Jeffrey Lidz, Professor of Linguistics, University of Maryland
Andrej Malchukov, Senior Research Scientist, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
Giorgio Magri, Junior research scientist, UMR 7023 Structures Formelles du Langage, CNRS Paris 8.
Roumyana Pancheva Associate Professor of Linguistics, USC
Luigi Rizzi, Professor, University of Siena, Blaise Pascal Chair.
Yael Sharvit, Professor, UCLA
Edward Stabler, Professor, UCLA
Donca Steriade, Professor of Linguistics, MIT
Michael Wagner, Assistant Professor, Mc Gill University
Ronnie Wilbur, Professor of Linguistics, and Professor of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, Purdue University

Schedule and Location

Click on the lecturer's name to get more information

All courses and lectures take place at (or around) École normale supérieure.

If a poster session takes place, it will be held in the same location as EALING. Practical details (location etc..) will be announced during the Fall school.


Handouts and more will be available here.

Blaise Pascal Lectures (Sept 11-13)

Luigi Rizzi, Professor, University of Siena, Blaise Pascal Chair.

Detailed descriptions

Follow the links below for a description of all courses and conferences. This information is also available by clicking on the lecturer's names in the schedule above.
- Descriptions of the Ealing lectures
- Luigi Rizzi 's Blaise Pascal Lectures

Previous editions of Ealing (with lots of material available)

Look here for information about previous editions of Ealing. There is a lot of material available online (handouts, references, videos...).
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