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We are happy to announce that Professor Hannes Leitgeb (University of Bristol) will deliver the "SIGMA Lectures" in September 2010. These lectures are organized by members of the SIGMA group on topics related to language and meaning.
The content of these lectures is described below (see Ealing Schedule for time and place).
SIGMA [Structures and Interpretations: Grammars, Models and Analyses] includes researchers working on the structures and interpretation of language within the Department of Cognitive Studies (DEC) at ENS. The SIGMA Lectures are organized with the financial support of DEC and of a 'Euryi' grant of the European Science Foundation.

Nous sommes heureux d'annoncer que le Professeur Hannes Leitgeb (Université de Bristol) donnera en septembre 2010 les "Conférences SIGMA", organisées par des membres du groupe SIGMA sur des thèmes portant sur le langage et la signification.
Le contenu de ces conférences est décrit ci-dessous (voir l'emploi du temps de Ealing pour les horaires et lieux des conférences).

SIGMA [Structures et Interprétations: Grammaires, Modèles et Analyses] regroupe des chercheurs travaillant sur les structures et l'interprétation du langage au sein du Département d'Etudes Cognitives de l'ENS. Les Conférences SIGMA sont organisées avec le soutien du DEC et d'un financement 'Euryi' de la Fondation Européenne de la Science.

SIGMA Lectures Committee /Comité des Conférences SIGMA:

Claire Beyssade (Institut Jean-Nicod)
Denis Bonnay (U. Paris 10 and DEC)
Emmanuel Chemla (Institut Jean-Nicod)
Paul Egré (Institut Jean-Nicod)
François Recanati (Institut Jean-Nicod and Arche)
Philippe Schlenker (Institut Jean-Nicod and NYU)
Benjamin Spector (Institut Jean-Nicod)
Dominique Sportiche (UCLA and Institut Jean-Nicod)
Isidora Stojanovic (Institut Jean-Nicod)

Hannes Leitgeb

Overall title of the SIGMA lectures: Between Truth and Probability

Description of the SIGMA lecture series

In many areas of philosophy and science we seem to be torn between concepts, properties and states of two kinds: on the one hand qualitative ones, such as truth, dispositions, beliefs, and on the other hand quantitative ones, such as chances, propensities, degrees of belief. While the formal properties of the former derive from the logical properties of truth, the formal properties of the latter are probabilistic in nature. Since it seems too costly to dismiss either of the two families as dispensable, we need to develop theories by which we can relate them to each other in ways that are systematic, coherent, and precise. The three lectures in this lecture series aim to make some progress in that direction. The first lecture tries to do to the norms of rational degrees of belief what we standardly do to the norms of rational binary belief: to give them an epistemic justification based on considerations on truth. In the second lecture we will explore a truth-conditional semantics for counterfactual conditionals in which conditional chances become the truthmakers of counterfactuals. Finally, the third lecture will present a theory of belief according to which binary belief is indeed reducible to subjective probabilities, but without the concept of binary belief being therefore eliminable from philosophical or scientific discourse.

- Titles of the single lectures:

Lecture I: An Objective Justification of Bayesianism

Lecture II: A Probabilistic Semantics for Counterfactuals

Lecture III: Reducing Belief Simpliciter to Degrees of Belief

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